“Castawys” received the Grand Prix at the 2013 Robinson Film Competition

LOGTV, Ltd is proud to announce that our recent documentary film


received the Grand Prix – “Zahav (Gold) Award” of the

2013 Robinson International
 Short Film Competition
Directed by Sławomir Grünberg and Tomasz Wiśniewski

Edited by Katka Reszke, with Music by Beate Schützmann-Krebs,

Cinematography by Tomasz Wiśniewski, and Drawings by Stanisław Żywolewski

“Castaways” (“Wyrzutki”) is a short film documentary about the desperate acts of condemned parents to save their children. Łapy was one of several stations in occupied Poland on the way to the Nazi death camp of Treblinka. Trains transporting Jews would slow down there and sometimes briefly stop while the tracks were being adjusted. Some parents attempted to save small children by throwing them off the train. The last eyewitnesses to this story remember these times.

The Robinson International 
Short Film Competition,
which honors independent filmmakers working with Jewish themes, takes place in Pittsburgh, PA and is presented by
JFilm:The Pittsburgh Jewish Film Forum,
which presents movies and guest artists from around the world for the purpose of exploring and celebrating Jewish culture.

The winning film “Castaways” is in official selection of the Krakow Film Festival and will screen there on May 29th and May 31st.
It will also screen on July 3rd at the Krakow JCC – Jewish Community Centre,
as part of the Krakow Jewish Culture Festival.

For more on the film go to: http://www.logtv.com/films/castaways